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Selected Writing:


Compassion, Art, People, and Equity: The Story of the Center for Art and Public Exchange at the Mississippi Museum of Art, a history of the initiative created by the museum and funded by the WK Kellogg Foundation. It contains a mix of interviews, profiles, historical accounts, and description of the essential operations and ambitions of CAPE. Published by the Mississippi Museum of Art, August, 2021


The Personalization of the Museum Visit: Art Museums, Discourse, and Visitors examines a fundamental shift in institutional behavior in museums located in the United States and the United Kingdom. Published by Routledge, May 31, 2019

Book Chapters:

In Conversations on the Digital Future of Museums, by Keir Winesmith and Suse Anderson, “Conversation 1: Seph Rodney + Robert J. Stein,” published by Routledge March 2020

In 7 Days: My Art Life, “Seph Rodney,” published by AC Books, August 2017

In The Making of Meeting, “A Way In,” published by Arthub Asia, September 2012

Catalogue Essays:

In the catalog for the Sensitive Machine exhibition of Sarah Oppenheimer's work at the Wellin Museum, the essay “At the Threshold” published in 2022


In the book White Shoes Nona Faustine, the essay “The Naked Power Suit” published by Mack books 2021


In the book Running Falling Flying Floating Crawling published by Saint Lucy Books in 2020, the essay, “On Pope. L”


In the catalog for Crafting America, “Crafting Autonomy” to be published by Crystal Bridges Museum in 2020 for the eponymous exhibition that will open in 2021


In Democratic Intuition, “Developing a Crucial Intuition” to be published by Jack Shainman Gallery in 2020 for the eponymous exhibition of Meleko Mokgosi’s work


In Teresita Fernández: Elemental, “The Metaphysics of Place” for the eponymous exhibition at the Pérez Art Museum and Phoenix Art Museum, published by Delmonico Books 2019


In Joyce J. Scott: Harriet Tubman and Other Truths, “Another Kind of Open” for the eponymous exhibition, at Grounds for Sculpture, published by Grounds for Sculpture 2018


“The Story of a Visit: Instrumentalisation and the Social Uplift Model of the Museum” The Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies Volume 10, Number 1, Nov. 2012 

Keeping its Feet: The Drama of "Nick and the Candlestick" — for the Fifth Anniversary of Plath ProfilesPlath Profiles Journal Volume 5, Summer 2012

Newspapers & Magazines:


"Discovering How Black Women Might Forge a Path to Freedom" October 2022


“Art Criticism as a Way to Live”,  April 14th, 2022


“At the Baltimore Museum of Art, Joy That Is a Little Askew”, March 27, 2022


“Why Joan Mitchell’s Paintings Can Never Die”,  March 23,  2022


“Bits and Pieces of Our Mortality”,  March 3, 2022

Find the rest at my Hyperallergic author page.

The New York Times:

"Black Can Be Even More Beautiful" November 2022


"DNA Test Led Yashua Klos to New Connections and New Art" May 2022

“Telling Stories of Black Life Rescued Him”, October 2021


“Finding Art Miles Away From the Expected”, February 2021


“Celebrating King the Activist (Not Just the Dreamer) in Art”, January 2021


“New York’s Sidewalk Prophets Are Heirs of the Artisans of France’s Lascaux Caves”, August 2020


“What It Takes to Raise a Black Woman Up”, June 2020


“Paintings that Demolish the Myths of What a Home Should Be”, May 2020

The Walker Reader:

"A Post-Pandemic Manifesto on Looking", May 2020

The Brooklyn Rail:

“The Museum Frozen In Amber”, May 2019

NBC News:

“Kehinde Wiley's Obama portrait controversy proves Americans struggle to engage with art”, February 2018


“Banksy's shredded painting stunt was viral performance art. But who was really trolling who?”, October 2018

American Craft Inquiry:

“Michael Puryear: Documentation in Design and Materials”,  April 2019


“Fusion” article (on Kehinde Wiley’s stained glass work), November 2017 issue


“How Controversial Capitol Painting Can Show Us Who We Are”, January 2017

Artillery Magazine:

“Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”,  September 2015

“Can I Get a Witness?”, March, 2015

“Alec Soth”,  March 2015

“Korea: Do Ho Suh”, January 2015

“Charlotte Schulz”, November 2014

Adam Katseff”, March 2014

 “Edmund De Waal”, November 2013

“Adrián Villar Rojas”, September 2013


“How Museum Visitors Became Consumers”, August 2015

The Nomadic Journal:

“The Necessary Angel (Thoughts on a Documentary Film about Artists Ilya and Emilia Kabakov)”, January, 2014

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